“I’m lovin’ a living wage.”

In fifty cities
There are no Big Macs today
You ask: What’s the beef?

Fast food workers in 50 cities across the U.S. are walking off the job Thursday as they protest for higher wages. Organizers say it will be the largest strike to hit the $200 billion fast-food industry.

McDonalds Sales



He aims to please … himself

George is in Texas
Gun in his glove compartment
Looking for Skittles



Zimmerman pulled over in Texas for speeding, given warning, told not to “play with your firearm”


The Big Snapple

Soda ban lifted!
New York Mayor Bloomberg is
“The biggest loser”



New  York-sized sodas get the green light from appeals court 

Weinie roast

Hot dog, frankfurter
Call it what you will, it’s the
Same old schlong and dance


Show me the CarFax

Popemobile recalled!
World’s Catholics complain that
it pulls to the rightcarmax2