How fleeting is thy softness


New sheets of flannel

Like peach fuzz against my skin

Doomed to become lint


If there’s a cure for this, I don’t want it


The giddy folly

Of limerence is best left

To the very young

Lady sing the blues

But now she can really hoover that blow

It’s not nice to lie
Bad things can happen to you
Just ask Pinocchio

CNN: Paris Hilton admits cocaine was hers

Malice in Wonderland

Some say “Tea Party”
Refers to Revolution
I think of Alice

Fox News: O’Donnell says no witchcraft since high school

But it’s a one-way ticket

Even the deceased
Can “urn” frequent flier points
If they won’t explode

TSA: Transporting the deceased

Jesus Christ, not IHOP again!

This makes me wonder
What they serve for communion
A holy flapjack?

CNN: Pancake house takes on prayer group

John Wayne Bobbitt’s advice to the love-shorn

Please don’t lose your head
But if you do, don’t ice it
You risk freezer burn

CNN: What to do when body parts fall off

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