But now she can really hoover that blow

It’s not nice to lie
Bad things can happen to you
Just ask Pinocchio

CNN: Paris Hilton admits cocaine was hers


This coffee is killer!

Odd—my urge to kill
Ebbs after a cup of Joe.
Please pass the Twinkies

CNN: Murder defense: Too much caffeine

Archives: The Twinkie defense

Malice in Wonderland

Some say “Tea Party”
Refers to Revolution
I think of Alice

Fox News: O’Donnell says no witchcraft since high school

But it’s a one-way ticket

Even the deceased
Can “urn” frequent flier points
If they won’t explode

TSA: Transporting the deceased

Jesus Christ, not IHOP again!

This makes me wonder
What they serve for communion
A holy flapjack?

CNN: Pancake house takes on prayer group

John Wayne Bobbitt’s advice to the love-shorn

Please don’t lose your head
But if you do, don’t ice it
You risk freezer burn

CNN: What to do when body parts fall off

Try the Devil’s Food Fudge Ripple

Is ice cream sinful?
No, it is made in heaven.
Ben, Jerry, are saints

CNN: UK bans pregnant nun ice cream ad

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