Forever doomed to the “D-List”

If Dante were here
He would make “Dancing Stars” the
Tenth circle of Hell

CNN: Bristol Palin joins cast of “Dancing with the Stars”

WTF? Bristol Palin vs. Florence Henderson? David Hasselhoff vs. Michael Bolton? Soon they will be exhuming George Burns and John Denver!


Not-so-Mad Max

Gibson crashes car
What? No booze, no epithets?
Anger management!

CNN: Mel Gibson was “a gentleman” after Malibu accident

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree

The son of former Vice President Dan Quayle unveiled a TV campaign ad in his bid for Congress in which he calls President Barack Obama “the worst president in history.” Quayle’s ad was released amid allegations that he posted items under an alias for a racy social website a few years ago.

Advice for Ben Quayle:
Let he who is without sin
Cast first “potatoe”

Christian Science Monitor: Ben Quayle bashes Obama. But can he spell ‘potato’?

Washington Post: Ben Quayle’s new ad

CNN: Ex-VP’s son linked to sexy web site

Capital Century: Gaffe with an e on the end

The decline and fall of Western civilization

How low can we go?
Will Senate floor fights be called

USA Today: Ex-wrestling exec Linda McMahon wins GOP Senate slot in Connecticut

Sex? There’s an app for that!

iPhone is sexy
Owners score far more often
Take that, Blackberry!

Time: iPhone Users Have More Sex

It was only a matter of time . . .

Levi: His name is
An anagram for evil
Beware, Wassilans!

CNN Political Ticker: Levi Johnston running for Palin’s ex-job in reality show

Chute first and ask questions later

We all have bad days
But this surely takes the cake
Or in this case, beer

CNN: Cursing, beer and a popped chute as flight attendant quits

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