I’m with stupid

Beauty is skin deep
Apparently, so is love
Ask these idiots

CNN: Heidi Montag files for divorce from Spencer Pratt


I’ve been snubbed by Chelsea!

Also not on list?
One Monica Lewinsky
Man, that really blows!

The Marquee Blog: The Uninvited: Who won’t be at Chelsea’s wedding?

How does this differ from Nazi book burning?

Possibly the most
Infuriating person
On the face of Earth

CNN: Preacher wants to burn Qurans (Seriously, this has to be watched to be believed!)

Facebook: International Burn-a-Quran Day

Little Green Footballs: Christian fanatic group plans “a good old-fashioned book burning”

The end of the world as we know it

Can’t make this stuff up:
Palin and Kate go camping
Twenty-twelve ticket?

Popeater: Sarah Palin to Take Kate Gosselin and Kids Camping

Salon.com: Two famous moms join forces for what will be a ratings bonanza

. . . And ten cases of blue eyeliner

Fame does not come cheap
Except at Housewives’ auction
Want some tasteless junk?

People: Real Housewives of New Jersey bankrupt star’s possession to be auctioned

The only good bedbug is a dead bedbug

The hotel said
Breakfast was free, but not that
The bugs would eat me!

CNN: Bedbugs gain ground

I think I’ve got some Andy Warhol Polaroid backings around here

Like Van Gogh, Ansel’s
Work is worth more after death
Where’s Zsa Zsa’s garage?

CNN: Experts: Ansel Adams photos found at garage sale worth $200 million

Fox News: Zsa Zsa Gabor Gets Transfusion, Still in Critical Condition

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